Graham Dean Fly Fishing


Ray YoungRay Young, Australia..."I have fished with Graham Dean many times over the last seven years. Graham's knowledge of fishing in the area is second to none and his ability to find fish on a 'quiet day' is remarkable. Graham is patient and understanding with his clients and his knowledge of fly fishing of all kinds is exceptional.

A day on the river or lake with Graham Dean is always an enjoyable and rewarding experience." 

Alan Williams Glos. England..."We visit NZ every January (have done for over a decade) & use Grahams guiding skills for part of our North Island stays. His knowledge of the rivers & lakes, fish spotting skills & honest, down to earth style make him a very good guide." 


DSCN0060Jerry O’Day, Canberra, Australia..."I have fished with Graham on two or three occasions each year for the past 23 years and in my view he is the most outstanding guide in the Taupo area. I base this view primarily on the high success rate we have achieved over the years and even on days when the going is tough we still manage to bag a few. And then there are those occasional days when you really hit the bonanza!

His knowledge of the streams and lakes in the Taupo region is first class and we have fished them all as well as those in the Wanganui catchment and, of course Otamangakau and the Rangatikei.

He is meticulous with his pre-departure weather and river flow checking and when excess flow has in any way altered the nature of a stream, he always personally inspects the water to be fished before taking clients out to ensure that only the most productive water is fished.

I prefer to use my own rods but Graham can provide all necessary gear and always supplies the flies, tippets and indicators required for a successful day out as well as offering a substantial packed lunch for full day outings.

From time to time I have engaged guides in other parts of New Zealand but Graham remains my benchmark and not one of the many Australian anglers I have referred to him over the years has been other than completely satisfied.


Apart from all that he and his lovely wife Callie have become great friends and the family lives and breathes fishing. Accordingly, I cannot recommend him highly enough, and if you want to catch fish - fish with Graham.”

Ted Kalli, San Diego, USA..."We have fished with guides in the United States, Canada, Central and South America, New Zealand and Tasmania. Since 2004, we have made at least three trips a year to New Zealand and on all these trips; Graham Dean has been our guide. His knowledge of local fishing conditions is second to none and he is a pleasure to be with.  I highly recommend Graham if you are going to fishing the Turangi/Taupo area."

Rob Kofoed, Auckland, New Zealand..."I have been fishing with Graham (usually 3-4 times per year) for the past 15 years. He taught me to fly fish, from starting as the complete novice (initially I would thrash my back cast on the rocks behind me and then cast straight into the back of my head) to quickly becoming a proficient fisherman. This was only possible because of Grahams expert tuition and also because he has a great deal of patience! 

From fishing the local rivers (TT, Tongariro, Waitahanui, Whakapapa, Wanganui, Waimarino, Hinemaiaia) to theRob Kofoed Chopper camping trips of the Wakarakau, Rangatikei, (including the amazing 3 day walk to the Korihi biv where the beer was still cold after 3 days in a sealed ice filled chilly bin) to this years Mohaka trip where we flew in by plane. 

All of them have been fantastic trips and we have all managed to learn something new every time we go out fishing with Graham. 

He gives you lots of tips and techniques always aimed at the level you are currently fishing. So we are constantly improving every time we fish.

I'm often asked why I still fish with a guide (or why do I still need a guide)...Its simple - Graham's more than a guide he's a mate as well and it's so much more fun going fishing with your mates..."